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Lubbock Flower Delivery - Businesses

Make Your Loved One's Day Special

Wanting to surprise your loved one at work? Sending a dozen roses is the perfect way to do so. Brighten up their day, and office space with a gorgeous bouquet from Don's Flowers. We can make deliveries to most Lubbock businesses, schools and even hospitals.

We know how important it is to send fresh, beautiful flowers to loved ones (or even just to brighten up your office space).

We do ask for a little more information when delivering to a business. We've found that for a smoother easier delivery- the more information the better! Here are a few extra questions we may ask in regard to a business delivery:

Does The Recipient Work On A Closed Campus With A Guarded Entrance?

Most businesses today are tightening their security measures. This is not an issue for us, but we would like to know what to expect upon arrival. Mentioning what type of security, you will encounter can help our delivery team prepare themselves and ensure that they do not break any rules in the course of delivery.

Is There A Front Desk That Deliveries Need To Check In At?

In the event you are making a delivery to a business, you will need to provide us with the recipient’s name and department. The majority of businesses prefer we leave deliveries with the receptionist/security guard. We do not mind doing this. In some cases, companies have locked doors that must be buzzed from outside before someone can enter. This is not an issue for us, as we can buzz the door from outside and wait for someone to let us in. You will need to inform us if there is a front desk that requires checking in at or if you prefer that we leave deliveries with the receptionist/security guard.

Does The Recipient Have A Department Or Floor Number?

When you're buying flowers for someone who works in a building, it's important to know which department they work in. If you don't know the recipient's department number or floor, don't worry—you can still order delivery flowers! Our delivery experts can work with business secretary or receptionist to find out that information so no surprise is ruined. Just make sure that your order includes the recipient's complete business address and phone number.

Are They Working Today? What Time Do They Get Off?

Our Lubbock florists make daily deliveries by 4:00pm, but sometimes recipients get off of work before then or might not be at work at all. Let us know the best time for delivery for the recipient. Make sure the recipient is actually at work that day—yes, it happens. Recipients might have taken off the day, or an order might have been made in advance. We get it! If this is the case, you can provide a secondary address. If you are looking to send flowers to someone in Lubbock, TX, then check out our selection of premium flower bouquets. We have a wide variety of flower arrangements that can be delivered anywhere in Lubbock, TX. All you need is an address, name and we will take care of the rest!